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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



baalachandiran kunaratnam Amma please answer my all prayers today. Canada 2019-07-16
S Heal me Z 2019-07-16
preethi Almighty, be with me company is not in good stage, need a good change...take care of me and with me almighty, give a good position in other company.. be with me.. Amma, missing few friends in life... dubai 2019-07-16
Xavier dear annai thaye bless my family and my children Antoathin and daughter Aashikha and save their lives and cure them from their illnesses. cure my son Antoathin from his mind problem and fits problem and fits problem and walking problem. ATTUR 2019-07-16
Sunil Jerald Mother Mary and Lord Jesus, I thank you for all your helps and blessings during our critical times. I humbly pray you please heal my shoulder pain and stomach related diseases. Help me to come out from my bank debts. Help me and bless me in all our sorrows and happiness. Mother Mary and lord Jesus pray for us. Amen Dubai 2019-07-16
Meena Jesus let Lhekha do excellentlyvwelk in her trial exam 2, state trial receive 6As in her matapelajaran teras and receive Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik 2019 for being the first in class and first in entire standard. Let Lhekha obtain a perfect score for each and every exam paper in this state trial exam without any careless mistakes and be the best.please answer my prayers jesus. AMEN Kajang 2019-07-16
baalachandiran kunaratnam Amma please answer my all prayers today. Canada 2019-07-15
Arul Joseph Raj Alexander Dear Lord i am giving the process tommorrow as it is Tuesday Lord please help me giude me i am so afraid of the process please help and please guide us My Lord as you fronted Israel when they left Egypt Lord it is deep red sea in front of me Lord Please raise your hand and surround us with your Love so we do not see the darkness and close our eyes and walk in your path in the valley of dark milpitas 2019-07-15
Jaya John Jesus our savior our Lord pls pls pls heal my husband of his sickness anf problems pls heal nd protecty kids too pls heal me tooof sickness and pains pls lord our sa iour pls help us amen Kalyan 2019-07-15
ELFM My mother please help me get a job soon in the name of Jesus. Mother I am desperately in need of a job. Please work a miracle my mother that I get a job as per my profile. Please may SB speak to his friends for my job. Love you my mother. Thank you my mother. Abroad 2019-07-15

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