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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



Xavier dear annai thaye bless my son Antoathin and save him. Attur 2019-08-20
M Bless me and my mum with good health and protection from all evil A 2019-08-20
N Mother of health heal my blocked nose dry throat ears and breathing and protect me from all nose bleeds and any discomfort and grant me complete healing from head to toe and deliver me from all evil. Thank you mother for interceding for me and healing me , M 2019-08-20
ANON Jesus have mercy on us all. AMEN. --- 2019-08-20
a Dear Mother Mary pls kindly pray for me that allan should stop talking to anu. a 2019-08-20
a Dear Mother Mary please kindly pray for me that my baby should not have any brain development problem or chromosomal abnormalities or heart problem. I should not give birth to a premature baby. I should give birth to a normal and healthy baby. a 2019-08-20
Mary Thank you Martha..for your you alot..I have a some troubles that are hunting me Be always with me.. help in my life... Canada 2019-08-20
Sweta Kumari Long life of my parents. Minimum of 35-40 years more from 2019 . Parents means my mother, papa, mummy & Daddy. No diseases, no mishaps, no accidents, no wear & Tear till death of all 11 of us. Same for our other family members also. Also cure all of 11 us from pre-existing diseases and existing diseases as soon as possible (in Aug 2019 only). Long life of Simon and minimum of 50-60 years of our togetherness. Same for jija keep and didi. Long life of all kids, HUD health, his study, his job, married & family life of kids. Our own house in Ranchi (c/o sahu ji ka plot). Bless me a gud job in Ranchi, bless gud business to Simon in Ranchi. Bless us with shifting to Ranchi with Simon and his parents and brother. Bless us minimum of 2 Kids without any disease/genetic disorders and bless them a guy health and gud life. Full love, luck, prosperity, peace, divinity, his understanding & coordination, his financial condition, trust, humanity in our family and among all 11 of all and our family members. Also bless us so that we will have trust onYou, Jesus, And on God and Love for you all. Bless us so that we will always be on spiritual pathway only and we will do all puja & divine activities. Ranchi 2019-08-20
Sweta Kumari Good health of all 11 persons (mummy papa did jija samridjhi sambhavi shaurya Simon myself.cure mummy from paralysis, no, sugar and papa from heart disease. Also cure the existing diseases of all 11 of us. Plz bless me & son with 2 kids .Want to get permanently shifted to Ranchi with Simon. Plz bless me his job at Ranchi, HUD Business of Simon . His financial condition of all of us. Love, luck trust prosperity of all 11 Ranch 2019-08-20
baalachandiran kunaratnam Amma please answer my all prayers today, Canada 2019-08-20

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